What is Turbine Flow Meter GPI?

GPI is a leading name in the manufacturing industry of electronic measurement instruments. GPI produces various models of different instrumentation machines having a really high level of measurement accuracy. Turbine Flow Meter GPI is one of the best products of this company. The G2 series of the Turbine flow meters manufactured by GPI is considered to be the best and most cost effective measuring method of fluid flow in the industry. This flow meter is also based on the concept of turbine rotating. The fluids are made to flow through the turbine and the velocity of the fluid results in the rotation of the turbine blades. The rotating of turbine blades in the magnetic field results in the generation of Ac electric field in the turbine and the magnitude of this AC signal completely depends upon the velocity of flow of fluid through the turbine. Any type of class 1, division 1 environment is suitable for successful usage of Turbine Flow Meter GPI.

Features of Turbine Flow Meter GPI

• G2 series of GPI turbine flow meters has a completely high range of accuracy in measuring the liquid flow and it has splendid chemical compatibility.
• Turbine Flow Meter GPI has different modular designs and these can be used with different sensors, output modules and remote transmitters.
• This model has an extreme level of reliability. Any type of harsh environments of the factory is suitable for using the turbine flow meter models of GPI
• The signal produced from this model of high frequency and really free from noise. The effect of distortions of this measuring signal in the carriage path is quite low
• This model is originally calibrated in gallons or liters for factory usage
• The parts of the this turbine flow meter can be easily replaced and hence the maintenance of this model is quite easy.
• The accessories of this meter can be upgraded easily.
• The cost of the Turbine Flow Meter manufactured by GPI is comparably cheaper than the other popular Turbine flow Meters in the market.
• The machine calculation error is about 2%, which is very favorable and reliable.
• It also has a battery powered digital display, which further enhances its usability and functional benefits.

Applications of Turbine Flow Meter GPI

• Monitoring of irrigation systems
• Water treatment plant
• Metering of facility water usage
• Fluid based cooling systems