What is Turbine flow Meter for Water?

Turbine Flow Meter for water is generally applied in continuous water operations and contains advantage of a long service with low maintenance. These turbine meters are usually used to measure the volume of fluid passes through the turbine rotor and results the rotor to rotate at a speed proportional to water velocity, the flow rates causes flow range from magnetic field and generate AC voltage. There are different types of turbine meter for water like turbine flow meter for cold water, turbine flow meter for hot water. A turbine flow meter for water measures the volume of cold water and hot water including industrial water with excellent construction and its performance is based on the velocity of fluid, viscosity and the temperature as well as the pressure.
Turbine flow meter for water is sensitively designed with so many characteristics like simple constructed structure, easy installation, maximum accuracy output, and high precision and cost effective than other flow meter. Here, a direct reading register is installed. There are many types of turbine flow meter for water depending on cold water and hot water, also a new meter can provide both based metering.
Features of turbine Flow meter for Water:
• Impressive flow range with excellent performance in low flow sensing
• Maximum durability with less wetted area.
• Comparatively low pressure loss.
• Wide Flow range 400:1 maximum, 200:1 minimum
• High Accuracy +/-2% of reading, +/-5% lower limit zone
• Better repeatability
• A contact type pulse generator for remote totalization of flow or a non contact type pu;se generator for remote totalization of flow is provided.
• Good flexibility with associated readout.
• Sensitive with small flow rate and wide flow range with pressure loss.
• Adjustable to any direction
• Meter performance insensitive to bear condition of bearing surfaces.
• Maximum pressure drop is based on water at maximum flow rate.

Technical Specifications for turbine Flow meter for Water:
• Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50 degree C for cold water and 0 to 130 Degree C for hot water.
• Accuracy: Within +/-2%, within +/-5% at lower measuring limit
• Maximum repeatability and strong structure, easy installation
• Clear Signal resolution, Frequency Signal (3-4 kHz)
• Effective more for high pressure measurement.
• Better repeatable and high precision type.
• Maximum operating pressure: 1 MPa
• Maximum Temperature: 70 Degree C
• Material: Body 40-250 mm-cast iron, 30 Mesh STD, Stainless steel SUS304
• Viscosity Affect: High
• Pulse generator: Both Reed RD 00 and OPTO 00 installed

Applications of Turbine Flow meter for Water:
• Research and Development Facilities
• Water consumption
• Makeup water
• Cooling water monitor
• Inventory control metering Applications
• Waste water and sewerage
• Pump testing
• Monitoring makeup water for food & beverage plants
• Monitoring filtration loading