What is Turbine flow Meter for Natural Gas?

Turbine Flow meter for Natural Gas is especially designed turbine flow meter, used to measure the quantity of natural gas passes through the turbine to generate frequency in the turbine. Measuring the flow of natural gas is much complicated than liquid as gases are compressible and when the volume of gases are changed under pressure, it results in heated or cooled. Turbine meter for natural gas measures the actual flow of natural gas based on a general rule of chemical engineering which is, the actual volume of natural gas is proportional to the temperature and inversely proportional to the pressure. Its operation is based on spinning rotor. When the gas is flows past the rotor, the rotor get turned with single revolution and that corresponds to a provided quantity of natural gas. A magnet in the rotor counts the rotation by external pickup and results electronic pulses where single pulse is equivalent to one rotation. These pulses are then sent to the transmitter fixed in the turbine meter.

Turbine Flow meter for natural gas is highly designed with many characteristics like simple construction, light weight machine, good repeatability, good reiteration, easy installation and maintenance. The turbine meter manufacturers provides K factor to relate each rotation to provided volume of natural gas. Turbine meter for natural gas contains high turndown capability with high measurement accuracy.

General Features of a Turbine Flow meter for natural gas:
• Maximum accuracy, generally reach ±1%R,±5%R, or even reach ±0.2%R for high-precision type
• Impressive repeatability, can reach 0.05%-0.2% in short time, if regular calibration or online calibration can get an extremely high accuracy.
• Output Pulse signal, Accurate Mass flow, perfect for total flow measurement and computer connection can be added, no zero drift, strong anti-jamming capability
• High frequency signal (3-4kHz) , strong signal resolution
• Wide range, middle and big diameter can reach 1:20, and small diameter can reach 1:10
• Solid and proven structure, simple maintenance and installation, constant flow capacity
• Suitable for high pressure measurement. The interface of the instrument doesn’t have to be opened, so it can be made to a high pressure instrument easily

Applications of Turbine Flow Meter for natural gas:
• Gas Supply industry
• Heating manufacturers Industry
• Chemical Industry
• Hospitals
• Distribution Stations
• Turbine based industries