What is Turbine Flow Meter for Liquids?

Turbine flow meter for liquids is a specific type of instrumentation tool which gives the velocity of the liquid flow with the help of the rotation of a turbine. This is one of the latest & most advanced methods of measuring the liquid flow. The working principle of this tool depends on the rotation of the turbine by the speed of the flowing liquid. When the turbine blades are placed in the path of the flowing liquid, then starts rotating due to the speed of the liquid and their speed of rotation is proportional to the velocity of liquid flowing. Since the turbine blades rotate in a magnetic field, their relative speed through the magnetic field generates an AC voltage. The magnitude of AC voltage is proportional to the speed of rotation of the turbine blades, which again depends on the velocity of the liquid flowing.

Features of Turbine Flow Meter for Liquids
• Turbine flow meter for liquids has the highest level of precision in measuring the velocity of the liquid flow, which is one of the important aspects of the liquid processing industry.
• The complete flow of the liquid can be measured by the pulse AC signal generated and this signal can be connected to the computer for further manipulation over measurement
• The range of the measurement is quite high. The ratio is 1:10 for smaller diameters and for large diameter, it is as high as 1:20
• The signal provided has really high frequencies (in the kHz range) and so the distortion is much less, another vital notable point!
• The installation and maintenance of the Turbine flow meter for liquids are really easy and the structure is completely compact & durable, which can be said as one of the most favorable points from the industrial point of view.
• It can be used even in tough environments like high pressure, high temperature, underground working etc., which is a must requirement for industrial units.
• The power consumption of the liquid type Turbine flow meter is quite low; thus it is economical in nature.
• Measurement of the liquid flow in the largest dimension pipes can be done easily, this is usually applicable in chemical industry and water treatment plants.

Applications of Turbine Flow Meter for Liquids
• Liquids processing industry
• Pumping stations of supply water
• Rainwater drainage system of a city
• Chemical industry
• Water treatment plants