What is Turbine Flow Meter for Gas?

Turbine flow Meter for Gas is an integrating turbine flow meter used in measuring the gas flow by utilizing rotor to sense the velocity of gas. It provides output frequency which has linear relationship to the volume of gas over a wide range. The turbine flow meter tracks down the flow rate constantly. The measurement is automatically compensated due to pressure and temperature to obtain measurement of gas velocity in standard units though the standard varies from industries and different geological environment. Turbine flow meter for gas corresponds to high working pressure and maximum measurement of flow of the gas. When gas passes the turbine, it result the turbine to rotate at a proportional speed to gas velocity and when each turbine bladed rotate through the magnetic field created by turbine meters magnetic pickup, AC voltage is generated.

Turbine Flow meters for gas are sensitively designed with so many characteristics such as straightforward structure, high precision, maximum accuracy, impressive reiteration and repeatability, user friendly installation. Various digital display devices are installed with the latest turbine flow meter for gas with various functions. Turbine flow meter for gas performs best when clean, steady flows of gases are provided and it requires low kinematic viscosities of gas to perform best. The mechanical stability and simple construction under these conditions are required for maximum repeatability.

Features of Turbine Flow Meter for Gas:

• Affordable than other flow meters and doesn’t compromise with performance for cost effective structure and applications result.
• Maximum Accuracy depending on low viscosity gas applications
• Typical Repeatability ; ±0.25% for gases
• General linearities ±0.5% to ±1.0% for gases
• Rangeability typically between 10:1 and 100:1 when ratio of flow rates where linearity specifications applies
• Capable of High turn-down
• Offers a wide range of flow rates and pressure
• Outstanding accuracy upto
• Pressure drop at the maximum rated flow rate: ~0.3 kPa (0.05 psi) for gases;
• Under ambient conditions, maximum accuracies for well designs and simple installations can result the accuracy capabilities at NIST.
• Maximum measurement capacities: 0.025–25,500 Am3/hr (0.015–15,000 ACFM) for gases
• Strong signal resolution with digital display
• Suited for line sizes above 10 inches
• Capable of customizing solutions of many applications

Applications of Turbine Flow Meter for Gas:
• Custody Transportation of gas
• Control metering in different industries
• Flow measurement for technical purposes
• Billing meters at commercial buildings