What is Turbine Flow Meter FMC?

The market of the Turbine flow meter is reigned by a popular company called FMC. The accuracy and the flexibility of usage of different measuring instruments manufactured by FMC has led this company to the top position of the market. Turbine Flow Meter FMC is one of the best products of this company. The W series, WH series, WC/WG series, WS series of the Turbine flow meters manufactured by FMC are really considered to be the best methods of measuring the flow of fluids in the industry. The FMC turbine flow meters are effectively used in a large number of popular heavy-weight industries in the world. Any type of class 1, division 1 environment is suitable for successful usage of these flow meters. From a microlevel flow of small pipes to the heavy flows of large custody transfer pipes- each type of industrial fluid flows can be successfully measured by the turbine flow meter manufactured by GPI.

Features of Turbine Flow Meter FMC
• WH series of FMC turbine flow meters has the best level of accuracy in measuring liquid flow in the industries. Also the WC series are best for the general purpose measurement and WS series for the sanitary purpose measurement.

• Turbine Flow Meter FMC has the best level of durability. Even in the worst environmental condition in the industry, the FMC turbine flow meters can be used effectively
• These turbine flow meter models can produce accurate measurement signals having high frequencies. Those signals have a really low chance of getting distorted while carried to the monitoring section through cables.
• The calibration of this model is quite easier and can be done by any industrial engineer
• The replacement of the parts of the Turbine Flow Meter FMC can be done quite easily and thus the measurement of this model is never an issue.
• The cost of the Turbine Flow Meter manufactured by FMC is really on the cheap side. At least, considering the facilities provided by these models, the cost is really low.
• The machine accuracy has a minor percentage of precision error which is about 1%.

Applications of Turbine Flow Meter FMC
• Monitoring the custody transfer system of the heavy industries
• Measuring the flow of water in the water treatment plant
• Monitoring the water flow in pumping stations
• Measuring the flow of water in the cooling plants