What is a turbine flow meter for crude oil?

The turbine flow meter for crude oil is a measurement object specifically for the liquids and petrochemical industry. This is a kind of an indirect volume meter for measuring the volume of the crude oil. This instrument plays a pivotal role in petroleum industries.

The turbine flow meter for crude oil has a little complicated working, the wheel actually rotates with the flowing liquids and also spins at the particular rotation speed that finally matches up the standard flow of velocity of the crude oil flowing from the cross sectional way of the machine. Hence, the calculated rotational speed of the spinning wheel is exactly proportional to the volumetric flow of the liquid. Similarly the number of revolutions is relative to the volume of the liquid flowing through the wheels. It can easily operate during high temperatures and low viscosities. This rotational movement is then switched through the wall without any kind of interaction. The magnetic induction throb picks up the pace. The electromagnetic field is made up with the coil and is seen in the scanning phase.

Features of turbine flow meter for crude oil:

• This turbine flow meter for crude oil is used to measure accurate crude oil but also measurement conducted under certain precautions. As there are high wax deposits the measurements are impossible, but this machine is very efficient in results.
• This machine is better than the traditional PD meters. It is more advanced and effective.
• It could be used for other liquids or other semi-liquids.
• It is best known for the high temperature operations.
• It is also reliable owing to its low machine error (which is generally upto 0.5%)

Application of turbine flow meter for crude oil:

• This machine has been proved to be a very dependable measurement machine.
• This has also been approved by the local authorities.
• It is very accurate in the results with less mechanical error.
• It has the highest reproducibility, it gives a steady and healthy outcome.
• It has the good inductive pulse.
• This machine is very useful for high operating overpressures, the high operating temperatures and also lower viscosities
• It is better than previous machinery.
• It is basically used for measuring crude oils but along with it, it is also used to measure the mineral oils, the acids, the alkaline solutions, the solvents, the liquefied gases and even water.