Vortex flowmeters cost

To measure the flow of different fluids is not a problem now a day. There are many of such devices that can help you in this regard. In some of these methods flow meters are one of the best ways that one can opt in to measure the flow. These flow meters involve a shredder bar that is placed in the path of the fluid.

These flow meters work with the phenomena of measuring the frequencies and then further calculations are carried out using the readings that one gain from these meters. Vortex flow meters are here so that you can get benefits from them. The measurement is carried out and is calculated as by the rate of recurrence at which these vortices exchange sides is effectively proportional to the current velocity of the fluid.

The shedder bar of the device works as a sensor in the measuring process. Vortex flowmeter offers precise, consistent, low-maintenance flow measurement. Vortices produced by the fluid pressure the shedder bar in pulses, and the shedder bar conveys the stress pulses to the encapsulated piezoelectric feeler.

A few different things determine the value that these sensors will be costing you. It is dependent on the size and the quality of these meters that makes some variations in the price of these products. The vortex flow meter is available in different series with some features that they offer with upgrading. You can select them according to the requirement. Related to it if you want to purchase the units of vortex flow meter with the -F” suffix it have almost 150 class flange connections. In general, the price range of these meters varies from $2000 to $3000.

For these products, the range differs like:

  • For vertex flow meters with remote electronics which have a “-R” to number allocated to them they will have a subtraction of $455 from the cost.
  • If you want to use the meter to measure the flow at a high temperature then a meter with a “-HT” should be used for this purpose and you have to confer with manufacturing for the costs of these meters.
  • If you opt for the purchase of the NIST calibration with “–NIST” in the name. This model of the vortex flow meter will be adding $75 to price.
  • Similarly those who have a display attached with it and have a “-D” to its name it will add $403 to the cost of the meter.