Vortex Flow Meters for Oil

What is the meter?

Flow meter (Eng. Mass air flow sensor) is a device used for computerized machine measures the amount of air that enters through the air filter (preferably). Information obtained through measurement is then used for a set of computer machine the optimal amount of mixed air / fuel.  These Vortex Flow Meters for Oil are applied in different chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries, because there are different heat-supply systems in industries. Clearly a horse after the meter drill (false air) will influence a greater or lesser behavior machine (mixing calculated does not reflect the actual amount of mixing device) and a hose meter drill before you leave room miseries they can contaminate. Flow meter is suitable for the various ranges of media. Many things in the oil industry are suited to the flow meter that it can be helpful in the oil industry. These flow meters are easily associated with the computers, and other digital systems, and considered as an ideal steam flow measuring equipment. The Vortex Flow Meters for Oil works greatly when it comes to measure the flow of oil. These flow meters actually work on the principle of the van Kmaran effect.

Types of flow meters used in the measurement of oil flow:

There are different types of vortex flow meters which can be used according to the state of flow. The different types of flow meters as per performance in different conditions:

–        VAF  (Vane Meter Sensor) (older)

–        MAF (Mass Air Flow), “coldwire” MAF,

–        Karman vortex sensor (older) membrane sensor

–        Optiswirl 4070 – Vortex flow meter

Optiswirl 4070 – Vortex flow meter is available with pressure compensation and temperature.

These Vortex Flow Meters for Oil are cost effective, and best for the measurements of volumetric flow.


These meters will meet a wide range of necessities which are required to measure the flow of oil. Oil, a liquid thing may sometime become harsh when its flow is measured. But, the Vortex Flow Meters for Oil  make it easier and convenient to measure the flow of oil, due to following features: