Vortex Flow Meter vs. Turbine Flow Meter

Before comparing the vortex flow meter to the turbine flow meter we need to know more about each of them.

Let’s start with the vortex flow meter. It is also called as vortex shedding flow meter or oscillatory flow meter and the first one was releases in 1979 by Yokogawa, and have been used since in various measurement of the volume flow of several liquids, for example water, gases and steam. The basic idea behind it comes from Theodor von Karman, who observed that if he puts a non-streamlined object in the water or other fast-flowing streams, this fluid will separate and flow on the object’s sides and at the end it curves back. You can observe this too in the rippling of a flag (air and flag), a bridge (water and bridge) and in many more situations of life. So as a definition the vortex flow meter measures the vibrations of the vortexes created by a bluff body that is placed in a moving steam. The vortexes are created on the side of the body and there the fluid velocity is higher while the pressure is low.

So now we are going to talk about the turbine flow meter. The basic difference between the two of them is, that in the case of turbine flow meters in the flowing streams a turbine is placed, which is moved by the flowing stream while in the case of a vortex flow meter the bluff body doesn’t move. So the streaming flow will give the rotor a steady rotation with a speed that have been observed to be proportional to fluid velocity. The accuracy of turbine flow meter, if it is calibrated or on fluid and of course, it is being used at the optimal conditions, is ±0.1%. Turbine flow meters are usually used to measure the natural gasses and the flowing liquids, and they are the general choice for fire protection and water distribution systems.

Now we know that the main difference between the two meters is the body that is used, in the case of vortex flow meters we are rather talking about a barrier which creates/causes these vortexes in the moving stream, while in the case of turbine flow meters the body placed in the way of fluid is t the same time moves by it, the flow of the stream provide a rotation of the pipes.