Vortex Flow Meter Temperature Compensation

Vortex Flow meters are instruments that are used to measure certain physical properties of fluids such as gases and liquids. These are very popular for their extensive usage and wide range. Many companies in the world manufacture such vortex flow meters. Many flow meters have temperature compensation feature in them. This makes them extremely useful and valuable to be used in both large and small scale industries.

Vortex flow meters are very suitable for a wide range and type of media. They measure both non-conducting and conducting liquids along with many industrial gases. It also has the ability to measure superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed nitrogen and air, flue gas and liquefied gas, boiler water, demineralized water, oils that are used for heat transfer and solvents.

The Vortex Flow meter master at recording fluctuating temperatures and pressure due to the integrated temperature compensation technology. The vortex flow meter has temperature compensation technology for steam (saturated) and is a salient feature of these flow meters. The flow meters are not only efficient but also economical and cost effective. These meters are also reliable and are made of high quality material which gives them long-period stability and a sturdy construction. The sensors of these flow meters are maintenance free and measure to very high accuracy. In order to further increase the life of these meters, these are made from stainless steel and are fully welded. This gives them resistance to high pressure, temperature and corrosion. For maximum accuracy the Intelligent Signal Processing (ISP) ensures the reliability of results. Also the setup of these flow meters is very easy, as easy as plug and play.

Some of the devices that are specifically designed for this purpose include the OPTISWIRL 4070 model. This is a rather new type of extension or you can call it sandwich flow meter that is optional. This is available with integrated temperature and pressure compensation for wet gases, normal gases, vapors and gas mixtures. It has a very ergonomic and unique design. The benefits of this type of device include no additional cost of installation of temperature and pressure sensors, no cabling work and many others. This also has the feature to give direct mass, flow rates and energy measurements. The maximum temperature limit for this is 450 C that is very high. The accuracy for liquids is ±0. 75% and of gases is ±1. 0%. It also has an alarm sensor.