Vortex Flow Meter sizing calculation

It is extremely important to measure fluid flow rates to ascertain the uses to which that flow can be put. For example, determination of velocity will give an indication of the amount of Kinetic energy possessed by the fluid and hence it can be applied to situations where this kinetic energy will be converted to other more useful forms like into mechanical energy of turbines in a power station and so on. There are several methods to determine flow rates these days and with advances in technology, multiple unique ones are introduced frequently.

Vortex Flow Meter is a device which is used to measure the flow of any liquid, though it is mostly used for water flow measurement. All you need to do is place a flow breaker in the path of the fluid. As the fluid flows across this bar, it will strike it and naturally the flow will become turbulent. In the event of this turbulence, vortices are generated in the water body. These vortices tend to alternate on either side of the bar and the frequency with which alternate is equal to the speed of the fluid flow.

What is the benefit of using Vortex Flow Meter?

Vortex is better than the previous conventionally used flow meters due to the following well-advertized reasons:

  1. Flow measurement is very accurate with an error probability so less that accuracy of 1.1% is expected with a flow of around 35 m/s for a natural gas. Hence, it is not only used for the measurement of fluid flow but also for natural gases and general gases. This has lead to tremendous use of Vortex flow meters for industrial and commercial purposes.
  2. It can be used for small quantities of fluid as well. Hence it can be applied to custom flows.
  3. Steam and volume flow calculation can be made quite easily under the conditions and the equation of Boyle’s law. These same features are especially applicable to mass flow measurements.

How to measure flow using Vortex Flow Meter?

Digital form of this flow meter is fitted with a compensation system which works automatically to compensate density of mass flow of the gases. Hence, it gives the benefit of generating all the results itself and even takes the trouble of complex mathematical calculations. Vortex Flow Meter is an extremely convenient flow measuring device and can be operated by even those employees who have no passed high school with very good grades.