Vortex Flow Meter, Products Offered by Forbes Marshall

Forbes Marshall has been around for nearly six decades and has earned itself a leading place in steam engineering and control instrumentation. It covers 14 countries and one of the few companies that have double expertise. It is formed by highly trained engineers that try their best to provide quality measurement and monitoring solutions. Forbes Marshall is known for their unique combination of hardware and software that enables reliable and accurate products. Today they have several leading vortex flow meters, and this article provides an introduction to the Flowirl 8700.

This product is the only vortex on the market of 2-wire technology that has an integrated pressure and temperature compensation. This product can measure volumetric and mass flow of conductive and/or on-conductive liquids, steams and gasses, all that with fluctuating pressures and temperatures. It is a must feature in the industry of water, oil& gas, chemical, automotive, paper& pulp, Iron, steel& metal. Yes, this is how many industries can benefit from this single product.

Its system includes measurement of industrial gasses, SIP and CIP processes used in food, beverage and even pharmaceutical industries and don’t forget the burner consumption measurements either.

You may be wondering what the features of this easy to use product are. I have the answer for you. First it has a 2-wire technology, great process reliability (it has a new signal processing system, the Flodoc Intelligent Signal Processing), thanks to his rugged design it has an excellent long-term stability. But the most important part is the compensations, it has built-in compensation for temperature (for saturated steam is included as standard) and pressure.

Now let’s talk about its use-ability. You can apply Flowirl 8700 for measuring vapor, saturated and superheated steam; it will monitor the steam boiler and the compressor efficiency, and has the consumption measurement in compressed air.

The last things that I would like to highlight are the fact that it is maintenance free, it is welded in stainless steel vortex shedding structure, it is wear, pressure, corrosion and temperature resistant, and the Flodoc Intelligent Signal Processing offer stable, reliable and accurate reading void of any external disturbances.

The only question that remains in my head is why aren’t you out there to trying to buy one as fast as possible. It has a tremendous amount of use, and it is the perfect addition in a number of industries.