Vortex flow meter pressure compensation

Vortex flow meter is used to measure the rate of flow of fluids whether liquid, gases or stream. All these fluids can be measured using the vortex flow meter. For understanding the way this vortex flow meter works you must first analyze the reasons for measuring the movement of the fluid.

Why To Measure The Flow Of Fluids:

The measuring of fluids is very essential in industries and companies which dealing with large and bulk quantities of fluids. The vortex flow meter is used for the measurement of the liquid suspensions, hot and cool water and stream measurement for the processes being carried out in the industry. All these require some sort of method to enhance the accuracy of measurement. There are many methods available for the measuring of the fluids and vortex flow meter is one of these methods.

How Vortex Flow Meter Works:

In a vortex flow meter there is a bluff body which is also known as the shedder bar. This shedder bar is placed in the way of the moving fluid so that disturbances are created in the fluid whether liquid or gas. These disturbances are more technically called the vortices. The disturbances or the vortices tend to trail behind the cylinder alternatively to both sides of the shedder bar. This alternating disturbance to both sides of the bluff body is directly proportional to the fluids rate of flow.

It is very helpful as the vortex flow meter is available in a number of sizes and with different feature such as the pressure and temperature compensation model is also available. The vortex flow meter is cost effective and has the reputation of utmost reliability and accuracy which is required by the operators. Now we will look upon the pressure compensation model of the vortex flow meter.

Vortex Flow Meter with Pressure Compensation Feature:

The Versaflow Vortex flow meter is the only design having the integrated pressure and temperature compensation feature. It is able to measure the flow of fluids with accuracy in changing pressure and temperature. Features of this device are:

  • Two wire device having pressure and temperature compensation
  • Made of stainless steel so no wearing
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Easy maintenance


  • Vapor and steam (saturated) measurement
  • Monitoring of the compressor output
  • Measuring the consumption in compressed air and industrial gases
  • Use in SIP and CIP processes of the food and beverage industry