Vortex Flow Meter for Water

As we know vortex flow meters are used to measure the vibrations of the vortexes created by a bluff body that is placed in a moving steam. So it’s not a big leap to understand what a flow vortex meter for water is used for. It was specially designed to measure these vibrations of the vortexes if the flowing stream is water.

For the measurement of  liquids either volumetric or mass flow rates are used (liters per second or kilograms per second), of course they can converted between one another if the density of the material is known. The density is independent (almost) from the liquid conditions. The liquid flow can be measured in various units; it depends upon the application and/or the industry. The usual measurements are as it follows: gallons or liters per minute, bushels per minute (unit used for describing the river flows), cumecs (which are cubic meters per second), or even acre-feet per day and it even can be sverdrups (this is used in oceanography and is defined as the volume of water transported by a current and is equivalent to 106 cubic meters per second.

So you might wonder what the benefits of water measuring are. Well firstly good water management can’t be done without proper water measurement. If we can keep an accurate account we can easily determinate and allocate water between sides,

How do you select the perfect flow vortex flow meter? The best approach would be to check the government laws and compact agreements, these constraints can be in accuracy, comparison devices and procedures. But the main factors that should be considered are all of these : accuracy, range of low rates, adaptability (to site conditions and variable operating conditions), ability to pass sediment and debris, device standardization and calibration, impact on environment, type of measurements and records needed, maintenance requirements, construction and installation requirements and filed verification, troubleshooting and calibration.

The selection a flow meter should be the fruit of a thorough analysis between the alternatives, because useful devices are many times forgotten by the standardization of measuring devices. So you should never juts opt for the standard measurement device used in your district, try to find out as much as you can and try to evaluate them in terms of the above mentioned factors. Yes, it can be a time-consuming task, but I can guarantee it is worth it.