Vortex Flow Meter for Gas

The first vortex flow meter was releases in 1979 by Yokogawa, and it has been used since in various measurement of the volume flow of several liquids, for example water, gasses and steam. In this article e are going to talk about the particular case of gasses.

You may ask why there is such a high need of accurate measurement. Well a good gas management can’t be done without proper gas measurement, and in the recent years an increasing need for this have been observed. Under good gas management I understand a balance between the material and energy to improve plant efficiency, and it serves as accurate amounting for the operation of a facility and the production manager.

In the gas industry a head-type flow meter is used (for example flow nozzles, venture tubes, pilot tubes, and so one) or velocity-type and displacement-type flow meters (for example diaphragm flow meter, turbine flow meter and so on). Instead of taking in account all the available flow meters that serves as a gas measurement platform, I would like to take time to talk about the main difference between the designs of these flow meters.

The head-type flow meter is based on Bernoulli’s Theorem and works by placing a restriction in the way of flow thus creating differential pressure head, and this pressure is proportional to square of flow rate. The orifice meter is used for large and medium pipes. The venture tubes applies similar calculations as the orifice platter but it is better than them. The flow nozzles are used for high velocities, but on the downside they are expensive and hard to maintain in good condition.

Velocity and displacement- type flow meters differ from the head-type flow meters since they have moving parts, since the flow creates a rotating movement. So as you can imagine, the most important advice is to maintain these parts in the highest possible state to always be in the best working order. For example the diaphragm flow meter is the most common type, and you can see them in use in residential and commercial installations.

In conclusion you can either use vortex flow meters with moving part or designed in one piece, they are specifically designed meters for various places and situation and it has the best reliability in sense of accuracy and range-ability, which has been proven by 10 years of experience with flow meters in the industry.