Vortex flow meter error

To know about vortex Flow meter, it is important to know what actually a flow meter is. Flow meter is an instrument that is used to calculate linear and non linear mass or linear and non linear volumetric flow of any liquid or gas. Selection of a good flow meter clearly depends on the understanding of requirements of an application

Now as the flow meters have been discussed it is easy to understand what a vortex flow meter is. A vortex flow meter basically works on the vibrations that are generated by putting up barriers in a flowing watercourse. A vortex meter measures the downstream vibrations. The function is very easy as the downstream vibrates it gives a signal to the barrier that is placed to move in a stream. This frequency of vibrating filed of a vortex can also be compared to the velocity of flow. A vortex meter is also known as vortex shedding flow meters or oscillatory flow meters.

Some of the advantages of vortex flow meter are that the sensitivity rate of a vortex flow meter is very low the reason behind it is that low sensitivity to their variation process condition and low wear relative to turbine meters. The cost of a vortex flow meter is very low; hence they are cheaper in price it is because the users are growing day by day, which use vortex flow meter.

A vortex meter runs on the principle of vortices shedding that was based on the Reynolds number of the fluids. Density and viscosity are the two main things that play a very important role in a vortex flow meter. If there is any fluctuation change in the density and viscosity it will directly imitate the reading of a flow meter.
A vortex flow meter does not need much maintenance, hence it requires very less amount of errors. There is a possibility when the maintenance would be needed and that would be when it is used to clean the flow conditions. There are many pros of a vortex flow meter but at the same time there are many disadvantages of this instrument out of which one is that when the pressure drops from low to medium the reason behind the dropping of pressure is the obstruction in the flow path. As soon as any hurdle come in between the flow path the pressure automatically drops from medium to low