Vortex Flow Meter Control Valve Integrated

A vortex flow meter works on a principle observed by Theodore van Karman during a hiking. He realized that if he puts a bluff body in the way of the stream then the flow creates vortexes on the side of the body. The flow meter measures these vibrations of the vortexes. He observed this by watching a river with a rock in the middle of it, but you can see the same with the bridges and water, and even the flag’s movement, rippling is due to this fact. There for the flow meter can be used in case of any liquids, gasses and steam.

But since the article is about integrated control valves we should learn the basics about these controllers. A control valve, as the name suggests it, is used to control conditions (pressure, flow, liquid level and even temperature), it gets a signal from the controller, which comes from comparing the current condition to the optimal ones, and based on that the valve either partially or fully opens or closes. This movement of the valve is realized by electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic controllers.

Since the control valves need to adjust the conditions for the flow meter it is advised that they are installed at least 5D distances downstream from the vortex flow meter, and when this valve has to be mounted upstream a basic recommendation is the use of 30m pipes diameters between the two products.

There are numerous amounts of control valve types. This categorization is based on their body form. We have: angle, globe, butterfly, rotary, diaphragm, sliding cylinder, angle seat piston, air-operated valves. Choosing a control valves is directly related to the type of flow meter you are planning on using. But we are interested in the integrated control valves.

The BasicTop integrated control valve is usually fitted on the top of the valve actuator and signals open or close commands to an air operated valve. It is connected to the air supply line with one cable and one pipe. When the valve is activated the compressed air will fulfill the command and will alter the given condition of the flow by opening or closing fully/partially.

Control valves are an important part of setting up vortex flow meter products, since it helps you regulate the condition of the liquid you are trying to get an accurate read on.