Vortex flow meter construction

In industrial processes, the measurement of many things is considered in order to get an ideal result of a good quality. Vortex flow meter is one of the devices that can help you measure the flow of Steam, Gas, and Viscous fluids. The manufacturing of these meters is reliant on the choice of the user and the demand of the work that should be carried out using them. For example, the construction of meter for measuring the steam will be different from others. When we talk in general the construction of these meters, it consists of a few things that are mentioned below:

• Spectral Signal Processing Technology

• This device offers Two-line LCD Display.  This screen is used to see the Flow Rate and Total length of Process.

• Compact Amplifier Housing

The main feature of device offers you to have:

• Low Flow constancy

• Highly developed Self-Diagnostics

• No Moving components

• Concurrent Analog and Pulse Outputs

• Category Output or Alarm Output is offered in the meters

• It gives a High Accuracy of about ±0. 75% Rdg (Liquid), ±1% Rdg (Gas, Steam)

The main parts of the vortex meter consist of a current obstacle organization or vortex forming bar shaped in a style to make available improved production of vortices across a wide range of the fluid that is to be calculated. The bar takes account of projections adjoining the on the side edges which have a tendency to reason for the configuration of vortices at the most important side edges regarding the course of flow. In addition to the vortex, flow meter reveals and provides you with a mounting for a sensor.

The vortex shedding flowmeter can be explained as comprising of two major components

  1. The flow tube
  2. The transmitter.

Flow tube is then further divided into three functional parts that are

v  Flow meter body

v  Sensors

v  Shedder

The transmitter of the vortex flow meter can be categorized into two groups that are

v  Analog

v  Intelligent

These are the basic things that the vortex flowmeter consists of in common. These components then are further divided to make a whole device that can help you to measure the flow rate of any kind of fluid. These can be found easily and one with a proper manual for you to read and understand the product. A proper engineering advice should be taken before using them.