Vortex Flow Meter Colorado

We describe the flow measurement as quantifying the bulky movement of the fluids such as liquid and gases. This flow of the fluids can be measured in a variety of ways. Among the popular methods is the use of vortex flow meter to measure the flow of the fluid. It’s about placing a bluff body called the shedder bar in a place from where the fluid has to pass. When the fluid tries to pass this bar disturbance are created which are called vortices in the technical language. The vortices created trail behind cylinder from the both sides of the shedder bar in an alternative manner that is one by one. This alternation of the vortices on the both sides is directly proportional to the rate of flow of the fluid whether liquid or gas.

As explained above the passing of fluid through the bar creates the low and high pressure behind the shedder bar. The vortex flow meter manufactured by the companies in the Colorado is specially designed to perform the directed task with utmost efficiency. The vortex flow meter is designed with the advanced technology so that the accuracy is maintained while measuring the fluid. The companies use the piezoelectric crystal sensor to detect the vortices created. As the trailing of the vortices is directly proportional to the fluid rate of movement so the sensor made with the piezoelectric crystal is highly effective in measuring the flow rate.

Insertion Flow meter:

There is another flow meter called the insertion flow meter. Let us now look upon how this insertion flow meter works. It works on the principle of measuring the velocity of the fluid that passes through the pipe at the specific point. This is done through the use of highly sensitive device that are able to measure the velocity with greater accuracy.

There are a number of varieties of vortex flow meters that differentiate from each other on the basis of length and the fluid they measure. The vortex flow meters are available in many sizes. The size of pipe is basically the diameter of the pipe through which the fluid has to pass. It is available in the following sizes.

  • Less than 0.7 inches
  • Between 0.79 to 2 inches
  • From 2 to 6 inches
  • From 6 to 12 inches
  • From 12 to 18 inches
  • Above 18 inch is also available

Here Is The List Of Vortex Flow Meter Suppliers:

  1. Mentoring Technology
  2. Northwest Instruments and Controls Inc
  3. Mod-Tronic Instruments
  4. Vortek Instruments