Vortex flow meter catalogue

Measuring flow of a liquid or gaseous medium helps in determining the use to which it can be put. Its energy can be used to turn huge turbines in hydroelectric power plants where this mechanical energy is later converted into electrical energy. Before putting water to this tremendous use, it is mandatory to make sure that it has sufficient flow or kinetic energy to yield the required results. Vortex flow meter helps in determining the flow of the water in bulk. All you have to do is prop the rod into the water and wait for vortices to get created. These vortices alternate rapidly on either side of the rod and the frequency with which they do that is proportional to the rate of fluid flow. Frequency of vortices is measured by a sensor, a piezoelectric crystal, placed downstream. Every time a vortex hits this crystal, a small voltage pulse is created which too is proportional to the fluid flow and so can be easily used to determine it.

Benefits of using Vortex Flow Meter Catalog:

1. The catalog gives you proper guidelines on how to install the flow meter and activate it. Without it, it becomes extremely difficult to use Vortex because it is sufficiently complicated and requires a thorough reading of the manual and of course its understanding.

2. It also gives instructions on calibration of the flow meter. Because the shedder bar of vortex is continuously exposed to water flow, it is likely to undergo wear and tear and hence decrease in accuracy. The manual provides proper instruction on how much amount to deduct from the final reading in order to get reliable results.

3. The catalog shows detail photographs of vortex flow meter, both external and internal and allows the user to understand it more efficiently. Assembling of the flow meter and its use will otherwise become very difficult.

4. It gives a general and brief idea about the functions of vortex, its benefits and accuracy and hence makes it easier for the customer to make up his or her mind about purchasing and using this product.

5. Catalogs also contain contact numbers of the company. These numbers are usually toll free and are operational 24/7 making it very easy for the customers to clear any queries related to the vortex flow meter right there and then.

6. It is a portable mini guide that can even be kept in a wallet for a quick glance.