V-cone Flow Meter

v-cone flow meter


What is V-cone Flow Meter?

V-cone flow meter is a kind of differential pressure flow meter. It measures the flow rate through the throttling effect produced by V vertebral in the flow field. Compared with the average differential pressure flow meters, V-cone flow meter has long-time high accuracy, good repeatability, less limitation of installation condition, lower abrasiveness, wider measurement range, more suitable for dirty medium, small pressure loss and so on.

The flow meter with V-shaped cone is widely used in various industries. Its excellent functions and features can measure high-temperature and high-pressure medium (the highest working temperature is 850 centigrade and the highest pressure is 42MPa); dirty medium( coke-oven gas, blast furnace gas, raw oil, residual oil and so on); gas-liquid two-phase medium( moisture and condensate water and so on). It is the best choice for industries like power, chemical, metallurgical, papermaking, environmental protection, petroleum and light and textile and so forth to measure the flow rate of gas and liquid.


Features of V-cone Flow Meter

  • Low installation requirement: 0 ~ 3D for upper stream and 0 ~ 1D for down stream
  • Turndown ratio: 10:1
  • Low pressure loss: pressure loss is just 1/3 ~1/5 of that of orifice plate for same β
  • Abrasion resistance: vacuum will be produced after streamlined cone restriction, avoiding cone from wearing out
  • No block, no adherence: due to the contour of the V-cone not allow for area of stagnation where debris, condensation or particles from the fluid could accumulate
  • Excellent repeatability:  the V-cone primary element exhibits excellent repeatability of + 0.1%
  • Long term stability: β ratio with no change for long term provide high accuracy for long time
  • Signal stability: signal fluctuation is 1/10 of that of orifice plate
  • High accuracy: + 0.5%


Technical Specifications of V-cone Flow Meter


DN25 ~ DN2000





Rated Pressure

≤16MPa, Maximum ≤42MPa

Operating Temperature

-40 ~ 700oC

Ambient Temperature

-40 ~ 65oC

Installation Requirement

0 ~ 3D for upperstream; 0~1D for downstream

Turndown Ratio



Gas/ Liquid

Structure type

Embeded V-cone flow meter/ Braced V-cone flow meter/ Inserted V-cone flow meter


Different kinds of metal

Flange Standard

As required


Applications of V-cone Flow Meter

  • Water Treatment
  • Pump Testing
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water & Sewerage
  • Food & Diary Processing
  • Chemical Process Plants