Use of vortex and turbine flow meter

There are various ways of flow measurements, and the use of flow meter is one way of them. Different flow meters have been made by the experts. Vortex flow meter and tribune flow meter are included in them. Vortex flow meter is the result of an outclass and unique technology called as field-proven sensor technology. Vortex flow meter offers different feature, which cannot be found in any other flow meter.

Vortex shedding basically measures the liquid velocity and other states of matter. Vortex flow meters can be used to control water and sanitary problem. It is used in numerous branches of different industries. Widely different fluids can easily be measured through the vortex flow meter.

No doubt that vortex flow meter is much popular in different popular sectors and industries. In order to meter the steam, this flow meter is very useful. It can easily measure the volume of flow and flow computer as well. There are lots of benefits of using a vortex flow meter. The first benefit is that the vortex flow meter is very good in reducing piping and wiring cost. It reduces sealing points as well. On the other hand, this flow meter contains good accuracy as well. It is as noise proof flow meter. The best thing in the vortex flow meter is that it usually does low pressure loss. It is good for energy saving purpose as well.

Vortex flow meter has some drawbacks as well. As compared to a vortex flow meter, turbine flow meter is better in performing tasks. It easily translates the mechanical actions. These mechanical actions are usually the rotating actions in the liquid. The user has to set the wheel of Turbine in the liquid and then it can start its action. Turbine flow meter has god speed than Vortex flow meter. Natural gas and liquid flow can easily be measured by the turbine flow meter.

Really, turbine flow meter is much better than the vortex flow meter. Its response speed, accuracy, repeatability etc. is higher than vortex and other flow meters. Because of having large velocity, the turbine flow meter enjoys a wide range of market. The manufacturers have made many advances this flow meter. That’s why; it has become more feasible as compared to other flow meters of the world.

So, we can say that both flow meters either Vortex or Turbine, keep importance in their own side. Both will be further developed in future.