Two sets of turbine flow meters delivered today

We delivered two sets of turbine flow meters today to an industrial mixer manufacturer which is located not far from our factory.

This company makes all kinds of different mixers and tanks for cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. They use a lot of instruments in their machines to make it automatically controlled. Flow instruments, temperature instruments, pressure instruments and level instruments are all used as their standard or optional accessories.

They buy their instruments from other companies before they placed the ordered on our company. Since our factory is closer to their facility which is more convenient to provide support and service, they’re now willing to buy flowmeters from us. Their engineers visited our company before placing the order and were impressed by our manufacturing equipment and capability.

For this project, they’re making a mixing tank for an ink manufacturer who wants to automatically control the flow amount of both water and solvent flowing to the tank. The turbine flow meters will be installed together with flow totalizers and solenoid valves on the lid of the mixing tank.

It is our first time to work with this company and we’re confident they’ll be happy with our turbine flow meters and service.