Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers: Importance of Totalizers

To provide the actual flow rates measuring through Turbine Flow Meters and totalizers, totalizers plays an important role as it offers accurate result of measuring volume of air, gas and water available in flow ranges. Turbine flow meters totalizer indicates digital indication of the rate of flow. Few of them contain no display where square wave pulse output is counted. Volumetric flows of a turbine flow meter are measured accurately and precisely and show the direct control of the measured values in a large display. The needed working parameters are input through the menu system of the meter or totalizer which also enables easy and simple control of different processes.

Due to significant advancement in manufacturing and development of Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers, there are many models and numbers of totalizers available for turbine flow meter containing different characteristics though they vary only in few things. All the models or types have been developed to add extra features of totalizers to display more effectively with varietie of information regarding turbine flow meters. Generally all the turbine flow meters totalizers shows accurate number of total flow and flow rateswhich are scaled to desired units of measure. There are different totalizer of digital output and analog output. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Turbine Flow meter totalizers are highly sensitively made due to its use. The totalizers attached in turbine flow meter are made of durable product due to harsh usage and longevity of the turbine flow meter.

Between Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers, the features of totalizers are given below:
• Easy selection of measuring units
• A simple electrical connection via DIN (Standard) plugs
• Maximum flow range up to 25 m ³/h
• Easy installation and smooth operation with exact display
• Can be used in different viscosities and process parameters.
• High Accuracy and constant repeatability
• Fully Programmable

For maximum accuracy and high precision of Turbine flow Meters and Totalizers, lets see the Technical Specifications of Totalizers:

• Voltage required: 18-30 VDC
• Sizes/Flow: DN 25: up to 7200 l/h, DN 50: up to 25000 l/h
• Output Signals: Impulse output, 0/4-20 mA, relay
• High Accuracy: ≤1% v. FS
• Optional Features: Adjustable impulse rate, display range can be scaled
• Time base for rate: factory wired .6 seconds or 1, 3.6 or 6 second depending on program regarding turbine flow meters requirements.
• Operating Temperature: -30 to 50 degree C
• Storage temperature: -30 to 60 degree C.
• Load Resistance: Dependent on excitation voltage

Applications of Turbine Flow meters and totalizers:
• Marketing terminal check metering
• Industrial factories
• Water treatment and wastage
• Chemical plants
• Monitoring oil and gas plants.