Turbine flow meter oil and gas applications

In terms of fluid control a flow meter is absolutely essential. A turbine flow meter is an especially good choice in such cases where the ruggedness is preferred. This is primarily because not only is a turbine flow meter easier to install and maintain, it can perform better under extreme conditions compared to other kinds of flow meters as well. One such case is of turbine flow meter oil and gas applications. Oil and gas are both fluids which often need special attention being transferred, especially in terms of proper pressure, temperature, viscosity, etc. Not only that, the point of production of these natural resources are often quite extreme in nature. For example, oil and natural gas can often be found as a result of offshore mining. Now, the fact that undersea mining conditions are quite above averageis quite common knowledge. In such cases, it is usually desirable to have mechanical parts which do not require much servicing over time, especially in hazardous areas with extreme conditions.

A turbine flow meter, with the help of today’s technologies can be incorporated with parts which help them measure the pressure and viscosity of fluids as well as their temperature in addition to everything else. This is a particularly desirable feature in an environment where more parts mean more difficulty in maintenance. For a turbine flow meter oil and gas transportation, keeping all these points in notice and still functioning on as expected is quite natural. In general, a turbine flow meter operates at very high precision (about ±0.25% of expected range). But this value is significantly higher (and hence undesirable) in case of other flow meters. Not only that, general statistics show that a turbine flow meter works better than other types in case of a hazardous environment with mixed particles which inevitably occur in case of transporting crude oil and gas.

The flow meter in case of the turbine type is sealed in. So it can act as both a low and a high pressure device. Hence, even in case of low amount of inflow of a fluid, necessary adjustments can always be made in order for it to be kept working at required ranges. For a turbine flow meter oil and gas application, this kind of accuracy is constantly needed. The slightest of deviation resulting from the subtle changes in the external conditions can cause the whole mechanism to break down in case of other kinds of flow meters.