Turbine flow meter applications – a few examples

In terms of measurement of volumetric flow of fluids, the application of a flow meter is unique. In fact, no other device has yet been invented which can measure the flow as well. There are various kinds of flow meter which can used for the job, but the most popularly used one is undoubtedly the turbine flow meter. This is particularly because of the fact that a turbine flow meter works on the principle of a fluid flowing through a cross sectional area. The basic premise is a very simple one. A fluid flows and it makes a turbine fitted in, to rotate which can be used for obtaining readings pertaining to the flow. Particularly because of the simplicity of the basis of its operation, is this so lucrative. The turbine flow meter applications are innumerable in number. A few of them are as follows-

  • Power generation-

In this context, the use of a turbine flow meter is just appropriate as most of the fuel and the coolants thereof are either gases or liquids in nature. In short, fluids. And the regulation thereof is a very important matter, the handling of which requires the most precise of equipment. In this aspect, a turbine flow meter is most desirable as it is highly accurate (to about 0.25%)

  • Pharmaceutical Industry-

In case of the pharmaceutical industry, a very precise amount of regulation on the flow of fluids are essential in order to ensure that the medicines manufactured are up to specifications. Minute errors can cause millions of people to lose their life. Therefore, even for something as simple as coating a pill, the proper regulation of flow is an absolute necessity

  • Cryogenic testing-

In this field, there are no dearth of turbine flow meter applicationsprimarily because the whole of cryogenics is based on the point of controlled flow of coolant. A little less or more and the whole field would collapse. And for that, the flow meter is an absolute necessity

These are only a few examples of an ever widening field of the usage of fluid flow control. Other highly useful fields include steel production facilities, hydrocarbon storage facilities and gas transmission industries to name a few. Truly, the scope of turbine flow meter applications are just too many to be named. And even more are appearing every day in different fields of work. In the future, we can only expect to it expand and encompass even more.