Turbine flow meter air control

A flow meter is the most basic of devices in terms of industries requiring the need for volumetric control. And the industries which actually do need this kind of applications are growing by the day. A turbine flow meter works on the principle of a fluid coming in and making the turbine located inside the casing rotate. The result of the turbine rotating is that it makes the plotter connected with the axle accurately record the rate of flow which can be controlled thereafter. In context of the turbine flow meter air control is specifically a very important job. The point is to use compressed air in the proper manner so as to put it to efficient use.

Air is a mixture of different gases. As such, in its natural form, it has a variable density. And variable density in case of a turbine flow meter means a back pressure. This can often damage the blades and cause a huge error in the reading (about 40 to 50%). Besides being absolutely unacceptable for a device that is supposed to be so accurate, normal air can not be used for any practical purposes anyways.

But even in case of a fluid other than compressed air being used, if normal air, of as little as 100 mg/l gets in, it can cause cavitation which causes these errors to occur as well. The best way to prevent cavitation is to provide for proper turbine flow meter air precautions. This includes for providing a straight path of at least ten times the diameter of the pipe after the flow meter and before the discharge of the fluid.

Besides these, some normal points like providing for proper fittings and such are highly important as well. Elimination of turbine flow meter air is one of the primary concerns in case of any application. The main reason why a turbine flow meter is preferred over other flow meters is due to its ease of setup, low cost and ruggedness. But these characteristics, especially the last one, holds only when the conditions of setup are optimum. Small points like these are often overlooked when it is done by amateurs. Hence, in case the device is jeopardised from the inside, the whole thing breaks down altogether.

Considering all these points, it is only natural that more experienced hands, capable of efficiently operating a turbine flow meter are highly needed. The only way of bringing out the full capability of the device is to operate it properly.