Turbine flow meter advantages are not without faults

The turbine flow meter is one of the most popular kinds of flow meters in use currently. But the turbine flow meter advantages are not perfect. Like any other device. It is accompanied by disadvantages as well. Let us consider them below.

First and foremost, the installation of a turbine flow meter is highly compact. It can be set up with the minimum of troubles and even a person who does not qualify as a technician can set it up with the least of difficulty with the proper instructions. Furthermore, the whole installation is highly rugged as well. No one has to really check it every day to verify if it is in working order. Of course, it does not mean that the regular maintenance can be skipped, but it is definitely sturdier than the other varieties of flow meters out there. But, this comes at a cost. Quite literally. The turbine flow meter is comparatively more expensive to set up than the other varieties because of the moving parts.

Next comes the ease of use and the high accuracy. The turbine flow meter advantages have been known to include high accuracy of up to ±0.25%. But this comes at a cost. The primary being the fact that this kind of flow meter works on the principle that the flow of the fluid into the chamber of the flow meter is linear by nature. If the flow is not linear, the whole system will lose accuracy. But of course, there is a solution to it. In case of low flow areas, the use of low drag fluid bearings, jewelled pivot bearings, etc. can helpit function at the proper efficiency. The bearing cost and maintenance goes high in this aspect.

Flow straighteners are essential for most applications since not everywhere can a flat terrain be maintained for the transfer of the fluid. These nifty things help the flow be regulated for high accuracy of readings. Of course, there are cases where proper electronics can be incorporated into the design to make it take the temperature control and the viscosity nature of the fluid into consideration among other things.

In general, a turndown of 10:1 can be achieved in ideal conditions and a bypass flow meter is relatively low cost. As such a turbine flow meter can be considered to be one of the best in terms of practical application. But the bottom line remains that for taking full use of the turbine flow meter advantages, the skill set of the necessary personnel handling them has to be up to the notch as well.