The Rise of Vortex Flow Meters for Steam Flow Measurement

Vortex meters are the devices, which are used to compute the volume flow of different liquids, steam, and gas systems. These vortex meters are applied in different chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries as there are different heat-supply systems in industries. If bluff bodies are placed in the flow stream, they will drop vortices of different frequencies, these vortices frequencies are measured by these vortex flow meters. This principle is known as Von Kamran effect. There is a direct relation between the frequency of vortices and flow velocity. However, these vortex meters are highly insensitive against temperature, pressure, and viscosity. The disadvantage of vortex flow meter is that, the obstruction in the flow path may occur due to which pressure drops to low or medium.

Vortex flow meters used for steam flow measurements are very much popular. When it comes to the measurement of gas and steam flow, then these vortex flow meters are more advantageous than other flow meters. Steam due to high pressure, and temperature, it become very difficult to measure the flow of it. The steam flow is very difficult to adjust, and there are water vapors and other impurities are present in the steam flow, which prevent the use of various other types of flow meters.  Different magnetic flow meters are not useful, in terms of steam flow measurement.  However, vortex flow meters provide a wide range for the steam measurement of different type.  The conditions, in which the vortex flow meters for steam work, may vary according to the nature of steam. There are different types of steam, which includes wet steam, saturated steam, and super saturated steam. In different process plants, and generation plants, the vortex flow meters for steam are considered as important equipments. So, these vortex flow meters are the called primary meter. In vortex flow meters, there are different solutions present for measuring the flow of steam. These vortex flow meters for steam have many advantages, when measurement of high pressure steam is required. These vortex flow meters can measure steam at different velocities, and provides a wide range of steam measuring abilities. That’s why, vortex flow meters have a wide use in the process, and power plants, where the steam coming from the boiler is required to measure.  At the initial stages, these vortex flow meters are hard to install, however, in future, these will give benefits on a long term basis. Different industrial pipeline dielectric fluid can be measured with the help of these vortex flow meters. These vortex flow meters for steam are more accurate, and durable. The flow meters usually work in the range of 20 degree Celsius to 25 degree Celsius. The parts of the vortex flow meters for steam are immoveable, so there is no chance of clogging. These flow meters are easily associated with the computers, and other digital systems, and considered as an ideal steam flow measuring equipment.

Even though, these vortex flow meters for steam are being used for many last years, they are still used in the industries for the measurements of industrial flow. Different amendments have been made in the instrument to make it better to use.