The Magnetic Flow Meter Abb

The magnetic flow meter is basically a device that is used to measure the volumetric flow, the mass, the linear and nonlinear aspects of liquids and gases. This device operates on the principle of Faradays Law which states that the voltage that is induced across any conductor through a magnetic field, as it moves at right angles, is proportional to the velocity of that conductor. Faradays Law only becomes applicable when using the magnetic flow meter using fluids that are conductive.

Faradays Law gives a formula as follows; E is proportional to V * B * D where:
E = The voltage generated in a conductor
V = The velocity of the conductor
B = The magnetic field strength
D = The length of the conductor

A conductive fluid is that fluid which can conduct electricity. From this definition, it is clear that magnetic flow meters will basically not work with distilled water, most non-aqueous solutions and with hydrocarbons, since these are not conductive.

Whenever carrying out a research in regard to the best applications to purchase for use, several considerations are usually made before making the final choice. Some of the considerations that should be made in regard to the magnetic flow meter may include the reliability and accuracy of the applications. Further aspects to consider in the choice of a flow meter will include factors like size of the pipe, minimum and maximum process pressure and temperature of the process among others.

The magnetic flow meter ABBwhich magnetic flow meter ABBwhich is supplied widely may have set the trend and the standard for the management and measurement of effluent flow, wastewater and sewage. Some of the benefits the clients will enjoy from the magnetic flow meter ABB include;

It will deliver accurate and reliable measurements.
It will give you the flexibility that allows you to solve your most pressing water applications.
It will additionally enable financial benefits and operations that were unattainable to be attained.
It promises simplicity, speed and the ease of use throughout the lifecycle of the products.

There is a wide range of offers of flow meters and primary elements by ABB to suit most applications. However, the most common type of flow measurement products currently in use are the Differential Pressure (DP) flow meters. ABB offers a comprehensive portfolio of flow meters available which include improved measurement performance that can be customized easily for any type of application.