The Importance of Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers

To get the superior performance and exact flow rates from Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers, both needs to have provided the accurate output. Totalizers are installed in the turbine flow meters which require the electrical signal generated by the turbine flow meter and scales the output flow information into a flow rate and total flow and displays in units of measure. Flow rate is usually sent from one system to another as a pulse which presents a quantity of flow. Attributes of pulse output includes provisions for scaling of the amount of flow each pulse representations and the width of the pulse. Specifications then list electrical drive for the pulse output.

Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers produce pulse output nowadays in digital measurements with few additional features like alarm system, display more ins and outs of turbine flow meter and most of the totalizers are based in microcontroller which has facility to serial communication to connect PLC/DCS/SCADA relay output based of flow rate. These are specially designed to get the accurate flow rate out of a electronic operation with many characteristics like high accuracy, high precision, easy installation and low maintenance. Totalizer measures electrical signal from a flow sensing device flow meter. A flow indicator scales the flow rates in programmable units earlier programmed by the user.

Features of Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers:

• Maximum accuracy, generally reach ±1%R,±5%R, or even reach ±0.2%R if it is for high-precision type
• Impressive repeatable and repeatability, can reach 0.05%-0.2% in short term
• Analog or Digital Pulse signal output
• Top frequency signal (3-4kHz) , clear and bright signal resolution
• Wider range, middle and big diameter – reach up to 1:20, and small diameter -1:10
• Strong structure, swift installation and maintenance, maximum flow capacity
• Appropriate for high pressure measurement.

Technical Specifications of Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers:
• The Totalizer display can be LCD, can be powered, vary from different manufacturers.
• The Totalizer is programmable.
• Maximum pressure on ideal totalizer 450 PSI
• Turbine Flow Meter Accuracy can reach ±1%R,±0.5%R,±0.2%R(Customer-made)
• A totalizer Sensor: Pulse frequency signal, Low voltage: ≤0.8V,High voltage: ≥8V fro a general turbine flow meter
• A signal transmission wire may be required of STVPV3×0.3 ( three-wire), 2×0.3 (two-wire)

Application of Turbine Flow Meters and Totalizers:
• Water treatment monitoring flow rate
• Waste water, sewerage
• Food and Dairy Processing
• Chemical Process plants
• Industrial plants