Primary Flow Turbine Meter in Edmonton for High Accuracy Metering

To get a turbine meter for high accuracy metering for gas, steam and liquid of low and high viscosity, Primary Flow Turbine Meter Edmonton should be considered first for its versatile features and long-lasting durability. They are the products of Primary Flow Signal Inc Canada, a differential producer of flow metering equipment and accessories. Its quality materials and proprietary unique design provides accurate and exact flow measuring for pressurized line fluids. It offers maximum accuracy, repeatability and flexibility over incumbent technologies as it is engineered and manufactured considering advanced technology.

Primary Flow Turbine Meter Edmonton is highly designed by high speed machining and skilled manufacturing by expert engineers and technicians. Primary Flow Turbine Meters are available in wide range of sizes which include electronic flow monitor along with spare kits and replaceable parts of the meters. All the products are factory calibrated for superior performance in the type of meter. All the series of models Primary Flow Turbine Meter are pressure vessel type. These turbine meters integral magnetic pick-up senses rotations of each blade which produces pulses relevant to the passing of fluid volume through the meter. And engineered and design to install between available flanges, for example orifice plates.

The Features o f Primary Flow Turbine Meter Edmonton:
• Range from 0.3- 3 G.P.M to 500- 5000 G.P.M
• High Accuracy= +/- 1.0% or best of reading
• Performs best for clean liquids like water, brine.
• Also works for wide range of line fluids related to industrial applications.
• Constructed by standard materials, 316 SS body and 416 SS turbine blades.
• K-factor Calibrated provided with kit.
• Reliability and high accuracy
• Low permanent pressure loss.
• Industry leading Service
• Vertically integrated engineering with quality and value
• Manufacturing vertically integrated which ensure maximum value and quality.
• ISO, ASME S&U certified.

Technical Specifications of Primary flow Turbine Meter Edmonton:

Primary Flow Inc. has provided wide ranges of Primary Flow Turbine Meter Edmonton considering variety of models by customers on different sizes, designs etc. Each contains the high accuracy and optimum performance.
Here are the general technical specifications (Common) of Primary Flow Turbine Meter of various models

Applications of Primary Flow Turbine Meter Edmonton:

• Water, wastewater and Sewerage
• Industrial Plants
• Chemical Plants
• Oil and gas