Orifice Flow Meter

orifice flow meter


What is Orifice Flow Meter?

Orifice flow meter which consists of the standard orifice and multi-parameters differential pressure transducer (or temperature transducer and pressure transducer), is the differential pressure flow meter with high measurement range rate .It can measure the flux of the gas, steam, liquid and the natural gas and is widely used in the process control and measurement at the field of the oil, chemical plant, metallurgy, electric power, heat supply and water supply etc.

Standard orifice plate is a kind of low cost liquid/water/gas/air flow measuring tool with standard throttling device with the most models. They are widely used in the measurement of many kinds of fluid, especially gaseous fluid. The structure of orifice plate varies with the difference of nominal pressure, nominal diameter and pressure tapping mode. According to the main pressure tapping mode, standard orifice plate can be classified as corner taps (including annular chamber bore taps and single bore taps) orifice plate, flange taps orifice plate, radius taps (D and D/2 taps) orifice plate.


Features of Orifice Flow Meter

  • The structure of the throttle flow equipment is easy to copy. It has simple, stable, reliable capability, long working life and is very reasonable.
  • The orifice flow meter adopts the international standards and machining.
  • The orifice flow meter is worldwide used which can measure all the signal-phase flow and it can measure part of mix-phase flow.
  • It is the standard throttle flow equipment which can use without actual flow to calibration.
  • The integrated type is easy to install, it can directly connect the differential pressure transducer and pressure transducer without leading a pressure pipe.
  • Adopted the import differential pressure transducer with intelligence signal crystal silicon.
  • High accuracy, perfect self-diagnose function.
  • It can self-adjust the range of the orifice flow meter through programming.
  • It can display total flow, instantaneous flow, pressure and temperature at the same time.
  • Beside the online and dynamic complete compensation function, it has the self-diagnose and self-set measurement range.
  • Matched manifold communication interface.


Technical Specifications of Orifice Flow Meter


DN15 ~ DN1200

Nominal Pressure


Medium Temperature

Normal ≤149 oC; High ≤450oC

Output Signal

4~20mA; 4~20mA+HART

MeasureRange Ratio

1:10; 1:30


±0.5%, ±1%, ±2.5%

Safety Class

Intrinsic safe Exia II CT2~6

Protection Grade


Explosion Proof

Exd II CT2~6


Applications of Orifice Flow Meter

  • Water Treatment
  • Pump Testing
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water & Sewerage
  • Food & Diary Processing
  • Chemical Process Plants