Making the most out of the blanchett turbine flow meter brand

With the very best of designs and styles in the turbine flow meter world, there is so much that the various industries can look forward to now. Every Blanchett turbine flow meter makes available the very best positive displacement, inline turbine and impeller/paddle wheel flow meters. The very best of positive displacement turbine flow meters come with applications for oils, greases, solvents, fuels, lubricants and chemicals. Also, they have the very best of features that makes them the best.


  • Operating temperatures ranging from -20 to +400°F
  • Repeatability ratings +/-0.1%
  • End connection size ranging from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″
  • Enhanced flow straighteners
  • Water-style mounting options
  • High grade material design
  • Versatility and easiness to use and install
  • Flow measurements range from 0.6 to 5,000 GPM
  • High accuracy
  • High repeatability
  • Pulse signal output
  • High frequency signal

Blanchett turbine flow meter models come in 1100, 1200, etc. The model 1100 series turbine flow meters is used for fluid measurement applications while the model 1200 series inline turbine flow meters is used for high corrosive environments. The various benefits of turbine flow meters and in flow meters make the lives of many industries better. Also, there are unique display devices with unique functions.

Technical specifications

  • Range: 1:10, 1:15, 1:20
  • Environment condition: temperature 10°C——+55°C
  • Instrument material: 304 Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel, etc

There is no way having your very own systems in place will do you harm especially when you understand better the benefits of the type and brand of turbine flow meters you are making use of. There are so many reasons why buying a blanchett turbine flow meter should be done with care. This is because; there are quite a number of retailers who claim to have the best or authentic types and ranges of this brand for sale. Many of these retailers sell fakes or replicas online but do not provide buyers with the best ad original turbine flow meters from blanchett.

When this happens, you will realize that, there will be so many faults and problems with the systems you use the flow meters on. Installing any of the various turbine flow meters from this brand is as easy as ABC. Make sure you also check out for the prices before you buy not forgetting the exact sizes that you want. When you buy the right size or style of this flow meter will give you great value for money.