Magnetic Flow Meter Grounding

You may probably be wondering what a magnetic flow meter is. Well, a magnetic flow meter is an instrument that is used to measure the linear, nonlinear, mass or volumetric rate of flow of a liquid or a gas. It operates based on Faradays Law which states that the voltage being induced across any conductor, when flowing at right angles through a magnetic field, is proportional to the velocity of that particular conductor.

Note that the fluid being measured has to be a conductive fluid, that is, it has to be a fluid that can conduct electricity in order for the principle of Faradays Law to apply when using a magnetic flow meter. Ideally, a magnetic flow meter does not have any moving parts and is best suited to work where low maintenance and low pressure drop applications are utilized.

The nature of the overall installation and the process fluid should be clearly understood in the process of choosing a proper flow meter. It is important to have a clear understanding about the requirements and needs of the specific application.
Before considering some aspects of grounding, we can first define what grounding is. The term grounding may be referred to as the arrangement of cabling, process wetted materials and connections to stable references. These are required in order to achieve a proper operation of a magnetic flow meter.The proper magnetic flow meter grounding and installation is absolutely necessary for the performance of reliable and accurate measurements.

The large currents and voltages present could make the flow in ways that are unexpected, whatever the arrangement. The two main types of current flows are:

Current flow through the magnetic meter in the fluid

Current flow through the grounding components

When making installations, the magnetic flow meter grounding rules have to be observed. Note that the sensors of the magnetic flow meter are sensitive to any electrical noise that is always present in piping systems. The fluid in piping systems usually carries significant levels of static electricity. This electricity should be grounded for the magnetic flow meter to be at its best performance. The installation manual contains the instructions that can guide you how best to ground the magnetic flow meter.

Thankfully, the manufacturers also provide the users with a variety of elements like ground rings, ground straps and ground electrodes, and the specific directions that help in the standard grounding of the magnetic flow meter