Hydro Flow Vortex Flow Meters

The vortex flow meters in a simple way it measures the rate at which liquids, gasses flow. They are designed to measure the vibrations of the vortexes created by a body place on the way of a flowing fluid. So it’s not a big leap to understand what a hydro flow vortex meter is used for, water.

Vortex flow meters have been in use since 1979 and cover a wide range of industries from oil& gas, chemical plants, paper& pulp mills, refineries to iron& steel. Although when dealing with various water measurements they weren’t exactly cost efficient, until the hydro flow vortex flow meters were introduced.

The hydro meters are usually used in the industry of hydropower, water, wastewater, agriculture, turf and landscape irrigation. It has an ability to measure a wide flow range. These flow meters come in both inline and insertion models, and it is offered compatible with various pipe sizes, installation requirements and flow ranges. The new flow meters do not feature moving parts compared to the paddle wheel flow meter which one is commonly used in irrigation systems or the impeller type flow meters.

In the rest I will provide a few criteria that you should pay attention when choosing a hydro flow meter. Depending on where you want to use this meter you have several options. For chilled& hot water/glycol mixtures usually insertion type flow meters are the best options, the ones that can withstand process temperatures between 0 ºC and 70ºC. For condensate and hot water you are going to need a flow meter that can resist 70ºC, and without any moving parts since the condensate is pumped from a tank that produces a stop-start motion, that could lead to trouble if the meter has moving parts. For potable and general water measurement any basic hydro vortex flow meter is good just like for turf, landscape irrigation and agricultural water processes. But for ultrapure water, deionized water, acids and solvents or other corrosive fluids it is essential the flow meter doesn’t have a moving parts, since various dead spaces in the meter where bacteria can’t grow.

Another factor that should be calculated in the decision is the system you are going to purchase the hydro vortex flow meter. Since you need a different one if the system can’t be shut down. The ideal flow meter would be one that can be inserted into and removed from a pipe.