Fluidyne Vortex Flow Meters

Fluidyne lives by their motto: Solution in liquid flow measurements. As a relatively new company, only 20 years old, it still managed to establish a name for itself in precision liquid flow measurements. It specializes in conservation of industrial fuels. Fluidyne is an accredited member of MCCIA (Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture), has earned the G.S. Parkhe Industrial Award in 1995 and 2006.

The company developed a wide range of products: fuel and solvents unloading systems, diesel dispenser, liquid dispensing and filling systems, genset/engine fuel consumption monitors, genset efficiency monitors, fuel monitoring and data transmission and lastly, the one that interests us, the positive displacement flow meters. In this last category 4 series were developed: 6600, 6601, 6610, 6635.

Series 6600 are the positive displacement flow meters. This product is based on the oscillating piston design. As the design calls for it this product contains a single moving part and is upgraded with magnetic sensor, which makes for a reliable and accurate readings. It is used for fuels, lube oils and chemicals.

Series 6601 or the positive displacement low transmitter provides leading quality of flow measurements. It comes with a choice of frequency, analogue or serial data output which is compatible with any industrial applications. It is used for fuel, water, chemicals, solvents and industrial liquids.

The 6610 is a PC compatible positive displacement flow metering system  which, since has a compatible software with PC, offers real time data input on the computer. This one aspect makes possible managing several flow meters with using one Pc, creates multiple report and the installation cost is less expensive, easy to use and it also proves to give a highly accurate reading. This flow meter is used for solvents, industrial liquids, water and fuel.

And the last series is 6635, which stands for rotary van positive displacement flow meter. This one was developed with one goal in mind: highly accurate measurement of expensive fuels, due to this it is commonly used in transfer application. Thus the fluids measured by this flow meter are diesel, kerosene, petrol and other solvents.

Each of these products was tailored to the needs of the customers and can be used in all areas of industry and even proves to be a valuable tool in the transfer process of expensive liquids. Fluidyne promises that this only the beginning and they will always try to respond to the ever changing demands of the market.