Fisher Vortex Flow Meter

A vortex flow meter is used to measure the flow of velocity of liquids and gases. Vortex flow meter are the basically the flow sensors that get in action when the frequency of vortices are shed by any fake body that is placed in the flow stream. It is calculated that the stream of vortices is directly proportional to the flow of velocity.

Some of the fish vortex flow meter companies have a wide range testing and validation of fields. A good fisher vortex meter should have a temperature that could rise to 320℃ (600℉)

And the pressure can reach till 42 MPa (2500LB). Fisher vortexes are also used in the fields like water, chemical oil and gas. A god fisher vortex flow meter is used in metal, power plants and paper pulps as well.

Some of the good fisher vortex flow meters include a glass top with a general holder and a cover, a foam micro tube that is inserted in the flow meter for 1.5mL to 2.0mL micro tubes and a 92 inch, removable and a 3-wire cord and a switch (230V available). This is one of the best pieces of a fisher vortex flow meter.

A fisher vortex meter is designed in a way that it can perform its duty continuously. A heavy-duty design is always efficient, thus it is designed in such a way that it allows the efficient motor allows the mixer to function continuously. Its design is used to handle all the accessories over the entire speed range.

Some of the fisher vortex flow meter consist of a Mixer, a Vortex which is Fisher Scientific; An Analog which is used for flasks, few glasses, cylinders and a mixture of micro well plates. The Touch mode of such fisher vortex flow meter is three-method power switch that includes a glass head and three-in-head with cover. The Variable speed of such fisher vortex flow meter goes from 300rpm to 3200rpm; 120Volts, 50/60Hz; 150watts.

There are two modes of operations in this, the first being the continuous one, where the accessory add-ons of the meter can be used, and second being the touch mode which starts working and mixing when the glass head of the meter is touched.  The chip installed inside the meter manages and controls the better and stable mixing action. In addition to that, the timer installed in the meter shows the time that has been spent, and if it has been programmed in such a way, the meter will turn off automatically when the time ends.