Elster Turbine flow Meter: Reliable and Durable

Elster turbine flow meter is a reliable and accurate turbine flow meter which offers repeatable measurement and maximum accuracy for large volume services which show the volume passing through the device in exact cubic meters. It is preferred widely for various reasons like durability, affordable installation, availability of spare parts, quick maintenance etc. It is well designed following advanced flow metering intelligence. Elster turbine flow meters are especially engineered to result exact flow measurement.

As to get output frequency proportional to volumetric flow from AC voltage, Elster Turbine Flow Meter provides high accuracy output through faster and smoother operation. After passing fluid to the turbine, it results the turbine to rotate at a speed which is proportional to the velocity of fluid. The turbine flow meters magnetic pickup generates magnetic field and when the turbine runs through the magnetic field, it causes Ac voltage pulse generated which provides frequency. Elster Turbine flow meters are highly designed and manufactured which are installation friendly, user-friendly, better performance, and high longevity. There are varieties of turbine flow meters manufactured by Elster in models of different sizes like TRZ2, SM-RI-2, SM-RI-X, Q, Q75, QA/QAe. And Quantometers by Elster are short pattern turbine flow meter which is used in non-custody transfer.

Features of Elster Turbine Flow Meter:
• Each of the type reach commendable accuracy
• Preferred widely for better repeatability and display devices with digital signal output.
• Easy adaptable and maximum accuracy reach (0.05-0.1)
• Strong transmission signal with shielded cable.
• Suitable for custody transfer of natural gases like butane, propane, hydrogen, nitrogen, air etc though quantometers are suitable for non-custody transfer.
• Designed fulfilling all international directives and norms for PED
• Engineered following explosion protection (ATEX) and metrological directives.
• Most of the models are serially equipped with high quality lubrication bearings with mechanical S1 index, some of them are with metal cover.
• SM-RI-2 allows bi-directional measurement.
• Different models vary from each other regarding different level of pressure flow metering but all of them are standard in operation according to capacity.
• Each of the models of Elster Turbine flow Meter is designed to result exact totalization of gas flows.
• User-friendly installation process though strongly recommended for installation by licensed mechanic for safe installation.
• Equipped with 2 low-frequency pulse generators.
• Equipped with PCM to detect trouble caused by magnetic fields.

Applications of Elster turbine flow Meters:
• Elster turbine flow Meters are widely used in metering and billing
• Quantometers are used in plant measurement
• Measurement of Gas flow on Gas consumption
• Measurement of Gas flow to adjust gas burner
• Measurement of Gas Flow for air and gas
• Cooling water monitoring
• Inventory control
• Test stands
• Makeup water