Dual Vortex Flow Meter

A dual vortex flow meter has two ends flow channel with responsive sensor set out between the ends. There are cylindrical bodies linking the sensor and the passage. The down flow part of the bodies looks towards sensor. It helps the sensor to become receptive to the vortices. The cylindrical shaped body helps the stream to be calculated.

There are two main valves as well as converters that are used for correctness in pipeline works. This unit gives exact range of volumetric and mass stream of liquids. These liquids can either be conductive or non conductive. It is also used to get calculation related to vapors and gases. Dual vortex flow meter has a system of signal generating system. This system is used to get constant flow readings. It has many features like steel body, completely welded, dead set against rust, sky-scraping temperatures and pressures. Measurement of steam and vapors, steam cistern monitoring, compressor management and monitoring of compacted air systems are some of its important applications.

Dual vortex flow meter is a real system that has two types of signal exchanger and sensors. These sensors are totally independent. It gives reliability in work and accuracy in measurement. It is preferably used in the calculation of pipelines with multi production. Exclusive and remote sensor design helps in the substitution without ending the functioning seal. The two-signal exchangers are used for two different products. Vortex dual flow meter is also accessible for soaked steam. The flanged, wafer, reducer, dual are the different designs of the dual flow meter.

In order to low the amount of installation, reducer dual vortex is used. It does not only raises the range of flow but also minimizes the risks. It is well welded and removes the gaskets. It permits to get the best practice of measurement and ends up the seep out points. Moreover, it gives trembling resistance as all of the parts are fixed.