Dual Sensor Vortex Flow Meter

Dual sensor vortex flow meter is used to give liquid connection to the given sensors. It has separate valves that give the guarantee to isolate the liquid from dual sensors. Vortex flow meter has a sensor body. Dummy cast sensor helps the vortex flow meter to be placed on the specific sensor body. Opening couples are present on one of the face of dummy sensor. It put outs the changing pressure variations that are generated by the vortices. There are valves in dual sensor vortex flow meter that are used to maintain the flow diffusion to sensors.

The technology used in vortex sensor counts the pulses of vortex. These pulses are created through bluff body. The dual sensor vortex flow meter has two types of signals. These signals help in the diminution of noise. The sensors are present at the back a steel boundary. The vortices create the pressure beats that are picked up by the electronics with the help of stainless boundary. Flow meters permit the upper ending with persuasive pressure rating. In order to attain the arrangement of flanges and seep out free installation, the bolt span is kept shorter.

There are many characteristics of dual sensor vortex flow meter. Some of them are as follows:
• It has fixed body parts. There is no vibration or movement in the body. The vortex flow meter is best in robustness.
• It is very easy to start its installation. Moreover, the maintenance of dual sensor vortex flow meter is not a difficult task.
• The important thing is that the sensors are not directly in relation with the liquids. It improves the performance and gives long-term guarantee.
• It is mostly used for liquids, steams and gases.
• It has a low rate of pressure failure.
• It has straightforward parameter arrangements.