Affordable Emco Turbine Flow Meter with Superior Performance

If you are in search of an affordable turbine flow meter, go for Emco Turbine Flow Meter. It offers best performance in measuring flow of gas or liquids. Officially product named Emco insertion turbine flow meter can cover pipeline from 3” to 80” in diameter which saves up to 80% for 23” line and 50% for 10” line comparing a full-bore turbine flow meter. It is designed based on advanced flow metering technology and factory-programmed which provides simple installation and easy start-up. It provides you the benefit of 45 years of experience in flow meter business. The well designed insertion flow meter measures flow of gas or liquids, including steam and its start-up doesn’t require line shutdown.

Emco Turbine Flow Meter offers high accuracy and exceptional welded joints free design of low-mass rotor. Its insertion design and construction reduces operating costs and energy costs and its installation and maintenance also requires less payment. Also, its easy installation and removal during full-flow conditions also save a lot of time. Emco Insertion Turbine Flow Meter provides actual reading accuracy which offers exact measurement throughout flow turndown range. There are variety of application of Emco turbine flow meter depending of various uses, sizes and capacities.

Features of Emco Turbine Flow meter:

  • Capable of measuring a wide range of industrial flowing.
  • Fluid types: liquid, gas, or steam
  • Pipe sizes: 3 to 80”
  • Rugged construction
  • Interchangeable rotors for a wide range of use
  • Requires a small sensor within a pipe which reduces costs of energy related with pressure loss.
  • Huge cost savings for affordable installation, operating costs without any compromising with performance.
  • User-friendly, field configurable and microprocessor based transmitter.
  • Measured values can easily be communicated on 4-20 mA output or frequency output.
  • As loop calibration is built in, no external equipment required.
  • It detects the moving frequency of the rotor blades using a pick-up sensor (magnetic).
  • Guarantees exact measurement and verifiable performance.
  • Laboratory tested.
  • Can process temperatures from -20°F to 750°F and pressure from 125 psi up to 5,000 psi.

Applications of Emco turbine Flow Meter:

  • Industrial plants
  • Treatment plants
  • Water and Gas treatment
  • Waste water and sewerage
  • Dairy and food processing
  • Rotometer replacement
  • Pilot plants
  • Research and development facilities