Vortex Flow Meter

vortex flow meter


What is Vortex Flow Meter?

Vortex flow meter is based on Carmen vortex principle, which adopts piezoelectric crystal as testing components. It is a new kind of stress detecting vortex flow meter. It has the advantages of wide range rate, high accuracy, low pressure loss, good medium generality, pulse signal output proportional to flow, convenient to connect with computer etc. The detector probe of sensor and the vortex generating body are installed separately, and the high temperature resistant piezoelectric crystal doesn’t contact with medium, so the instrument is of simple structure, good generality and high stability.

Vortex flow meter sensor can be used to detect and measure the flow of all kinds of gas, fluid and steam. It can also be used to match with our company’s flow totalizer. It also can match with computers and sensors of temperature, pressure, or density to compose high-accuracy mass flow or heat flow detecting and measuring system.


Features of Vortex Flow Meter

  • Piezocrystal inbuilt in bluff body to avoid fluid turbulence caused by external type, no zero drift and high reliability
  • No moving parts, high durability
  • Convenient installation and maintenance
  • Sensor not connect with the measured fluids directly, stable performance and long service life
  • Output pulse signal is directly proportional to flow rate, high accuracy and no zero drift
  • Wide measuring range, turndown ratio 10:1
  • Low pressure loss, low cost
  • Frequency output not affected by the fluid change in physical character and composition, meter factor (K) only considers shape and dimension of eddies. Measurement of volumetric flow can get compensation once it needs. Then no re-calibration meter factor needed if damaged parts be exchanged
  • Wide application for air and gas


Technical Specifications of Vortex Flow Meter


DN15 ~ DN300


Liquid / Steam / Gas


Pipe Type: ±1.5% (gas, steam), ±1.0% (liquid)

Inserted Type: ±2.5% (liquid), ±3.0% (gas)


Pipe Type: 0.5% (gas, steam), 0.33% (liquid)

Inserted Type: 0.83% (liquid), 1.00% (gas)

Rated Pressure

GB 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa, 6.4MPa; DIN PN16, PN25, PN40; JIS 10K, 20K, 40K; ANSI Class150, Class300, Class600

Signal Output

Pulse Output, Two Wire 4~20mADC, RS-485, Hart, Modbus

Power Supply

24VDC / 3.6V Lithium Battery / Double Power Supply (24VDC, 3.6V Lithium Battery)

Installation Type

Flanged Type / Wafer Type / Fixed Inserted / Adjustable Inserted / Adjustable Inserted (with ball valve)

Protection Grade


Explosion Proof

Exd II BT3~6 / Exia II CT3~6


Applications of Vortex Flow Meter

  • Water Treatment
  • Pump Testing
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Waste Water & Sewerage
  • Food & Diary Processing
  • Chemical Process Plants